And the winner is…. Ministerie van Tekst!

And the winner is…. Ministerie van Tekst!

During winter 2018/2019, we are holding our START2ACT Energy Saving Challenge. This competition asks small businesses to show us how they reduce energy in the office.

The monthly prize draw for December 2018 is completed and we can reveal that the winner is Ministerie van Tekst of the Netherlands. Ministerie van Tekst is a young agency for text production and editing. Founded in 2014, the company specializes in text editing and interviews, especially in the field of technology and digital transformation. They also provide basic writing workshops for low-literate people.

Head of the company Joost Peters showed us on Twitter how he reduces transport energy impact by cycling to the office in his daily commute.  This is a low-cost energy saving initiative available to every organisation.

We got in touch with Joost to find out what motivated him to enter the Energy Saving Challenge:

How did you hear about the START2ACT Energy Saving Challenge?

“I heard about the challenge through a friend and was immediately excited to participate.”

How did you think of your energy-saving solutions?

“The distance between my house and my office is about four kilometres. Then you basically have three travel choices: to commute by car, by bike, or by bus. The choice for cycling was then quickly made: it's not only healthy, but also good for the environment.”

What motivates you to save energy at work?

”As a journalist / copywriter I write a lot about sustainability. It is clear to me that the necessary steps must be taken to counter the effects of climate change. I try to contribute my own little bit!”

What are your plans for the future?

“Continue to write about sustainability and technological developments that contribute to a better world.”

Ministerie van Tekst will receive a Bamboustics green speaker and an energy saving starter pack for its winning entry to the START2ACT Energy Saving Challenge. Thank you to everyone who participated in the competition and to those who spread the word. We hope you all are enjoying the challenge!

Good news – you could be the winner of the next prize draws!

Until the end of the challenge, we will have two more prize draws for two Bamboustics speakers and will give one smart Energomonitor to the best entry of the entire challenge.

If you’re interested in energy saving but you’re not sure where to start, visit our Knowledge Base for top tips, complete the E-learning modules or post a question on the START2ACT forum.

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